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API for smart businesses

Jusibe is an API service that enables you to send SMS via your websites and applications using our simple and easy-to-use REST API.

Each text message (160 characters) cost 1 credit. 1 credit is ₦4. All major Nigerian networks supported

Engage your audience and customers, whenever, whenever.

Easy Integration

We make text messaging so simple so you don’t have to worry about building complex mechanisms. Just create an account to get started with our plug and play API.

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The rules of carriers all over Nigeria are part of the fabric of our API. So you always stay compliant and get the fastest and most secure connection route.

Create a lasting connection with users and customers

A flexible, stable platform

We’ve designed our platform to be flexible so you can grow without needing to change your infrastructure. What’s more, our data platform infrastructure boasts an uptime of 99.99%.

Save money, Save time.

Jusibe has some of the highest deliverability rates in the industry because we tackle challenges and pain points head on & swiftly, saving you time and consequently money. Each text message (160 characters) cost 1 credit. 1 credit is ₦4.


Text Marketing, Product and Offer Alerts, Lead Notification

Customer Service

One-Time-Password, Account Authentication, Account Information

Clientele Management

Text Marketing, Product and Offer Alerts and Lead Alerts

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Frequently asked questions

Each text message (160 characters) cost 1 credit. 1 credit is ₦4.

Presently only Nigerian mobile network (GLO, MTN, 9mobile & AIRTEL) are supported.

Yes. You can send bulk message using the API or from your dashboard.

There are community developed libraries, extensions and plugins that will make integrating Jusibe into your apps and sites easier. Visit the Documentation page to get started.

A mobile number or any combination of numbers is not allowed as the Sender ID. You can always use alphanumeric or alphabetic characters as the Sender ID.

Before any SMS message is sent we validate the mobile number to make sure it is a valid Nigerian Mobile number, if it isn’t the message won’t be sent and you won’t be charged for it.