API Docs

  • Introduction

    Jusibe API allows you interact with your account in Jusibe. It is a simple REST API that allows you to send SMS, check your SMS credit balance and check the delivery status of a sent SMS.

  • Client Libraries

    Below are links to community developed libraries, extensions and plugins that will make integrating Jusibe into your apps and sites easier.

  • Jusibe API Endpoint

    Base URL

    The Web API Base URL is https://jusibe.com/smsapi/

  • Authentication

    All requests needs to be authenticated using HTTP Basic Authentication.

    You need to authenticate using your public key as the username and your access token as the password.

    Your public key and access token can be seen in the API Keys page in your Control Panel.

  • Response Format & Status Code.

    A JSON response is sent back by the Jusibe SMS API for every request

    • Successful requests will return a 200 OK HTTP status code
    • Trying to authenticate with an invalid public key or access token will return a 401 Unauthorized HTTP status code
    • All other unsuccessful requests will return a 400 Bad Request HTTP status code

  • Available Endpoints

    Three endpoints are available for use in the API.

    1. send_sms - for sending an SMS
    2. get_credits - for retrieving your available SMS credits
    3. delivery_status - for checking the delivery status of a sent SMS
  • 1. Send SMS

    The /send_sms/ endpoint allows you to send SMS using the the Jusibe API.

    URL: https://jusibe.com/smsapi/send_sms


  • Parameters

    • to: (Required) This is the Nigerian GSM number you are sending the SMS to. You are to pass a single GSM number.
    • from: (Required) This is the Sender ID for the SMS that is being sent, maximum of eleven (11) characters. A mobile number or any combination of numbers is not allowed as the Sender ID. You can always use any alphanumeric or alphabetic characters as the Sender ID.
    • message: (Required) This is the text message that you want to send
  • Response

    	"status": "Sent",
    	"message_id": "xeqd6rrd26",
    	"sms_credits_used": 1
  • 2. Check SMS Credits

    URL: https://jusibe.com/smsapi/get_credits/


    The /get_credits/ endpoint allows you to get the available SMS credits left in your Jusibe account

  • Response

    	"sms_credits": "182"
  • 3. Check Delivery Status

    The /delivery_status/ endpoint allows you to check the delivery status of a sent SMS

    URL: https://jusibe.com/smsapi/delivery_status/



    • message_id: (Required) The message ID that was returned when the SMS was sent initially
  • Response

    	"message_id": "xeqd6rd268",
    	"status": "Delivered",
    	"date_sent": "2015-05-19 04:34:48",
    	"date_delivered": "2015-05-19 04:35:05"
  • Test API

    Click on the Run In Postman button below to test the API in Postman